1000 kgs Safe Working Load electric hoists; chain. New and used.
Morris S4 rope hoist

Morris S4 wire rope hoist, BRAND NEW.

REF AG52-4

Lifting speed 8/1.3mts per minute.

Travel speed 20/5 mts per minute.

Hoist duty group M5

Headroom loss 580mm

We also have a 3 tonne version of this.

Verlinde chain hoist

Verlinde electric chain hoist

1 tonnes (1000kgs) safe working load.

Hook suspension. Can be supplied with a push travel beam trolley as well.

6 meters lifting height.


Demag plv hoist

REFAG59. One speed lifting 5/1.25 meters per minute lifting speeds.

We have 1 in stock.

Staghl T 4 and T5 hoists

1 and 2 tonnes T4 & T5 Stahl hoists.

Currently sold

Click here for new Stahl hoist

SWF chain hoist

REF AG200-14

Headroom loss 515mm.

2 fall SWF hoist, with push travel trolley

2 speed lifting 4.5/0.7 meters per minute

Installation option.

Removed from a factory clearence in Rochdale.

4 meters HOL chain drop.

We stock used as well as new electric chain hoists. Most are 415 volts three phase. Above is a current sample of our used 1.0t safe working load chain hoists.

We also stock;

125 kgs electric hoists

250 kgs electric hoists

500 kgs electric hoists

If you want a chain hoist with a jib crane we also have new and used jibs in stock.

Call 01527 854 600.

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