500 kgs SWL electric chain hoists. New and used.

Stahl ST05 low headroom

It has a 3 phase 415 volt 2655rpm A. C. Motor. Used only a handful of times tested and certified if needed.

This would be ideal for a car work shop for lifting engines. REF AG208-19.

Flange with max 150mm, 6.5 mts of chain drop.

500kgs Stahl T202 electric hoists in stock with ultra low headroom. At 500 kgs this hoist has a headroom loss of 285mm from trolley wheel to the base of the hook.

4 and 1 mts a minute lifting speed on 2 falls of chain.

From 230mm headroom loss

Can come with an independent pendant, or divorced crane pendant.

Abus 0.5 tonne electric chain hoist

Abus chain hoist

500kgs SWL REF AG500

Abus eye suspended hoist

Verlinde ECH VE5 Eurochain, 500kg 5.0m/min, 2 falls of chain, 5M HOL - Push travel hoist. Verlinde 500kg used beam monorail chain hoist, trolley set for 103mm no adjustment. Pendant controlled.

Verlinde chain hoist


push trolley chain hoist


Yale CPV on a trolley

Type; Yale CPV/F 18 in stock, various sizes, and speeds.

4/1 metres a minute lifting speed, on 2 falls of chain.

Power trolley included, 18/4.5mts /min.

415 volts 3 ph.

Headroom loss of 382mm

REF AG207-3

Ideal for use as a jib crane hoist. New price £1982.00.

500 kilos hoisting

We stock used as well as new electric chain hoists. Most are 415 volts three phase. Above is a current sample of our used 0.5t or 500 kg safe working load chain hoists.

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If you want a chain hoist with a jib crane we also have new and used jibs in stock.

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