Used ABUS pillar jib cranes, type overbraced VS, LS & underbraced LSX types.

We have 2 x 250kg, 500kgs, 630kgs, 1 tonne and 1.6 tonne in stock. All chain hoists on this page are used, new ones are available upon request.

  • 250kg underbraced Abus jib crane
  • ABUS type: LS.
  • Overall height 2610mm
  • Floor to underside 2410mm
  • Arm length 3000mm
  • Hook to floor 1915mm
  • Complete with ABUS push along chain hoist.
  • Single fall hoist type; GM
  • 2 speed hoist 6/1.5 meters per minute.
  • Monorail manual push trolley.
  • Bases = square mm.
  • Jib and hoist = £1300.00 nett, ex works.

REF AG197-3

Abus underbrace jib crane

The yellow Abus jib on the right.


  • Used ABUS LS jib Crane and hoist
  • 630kg Overbraced Jib Crane,
  • Abus type: LS
  • Overall height 4200mm
  • Floor to underside 3479mm
  • Hook at the highest point 3000mm.
  • Arm 2000mm
  • With Abus chain hoist, type GM3
  • Hoist has 2 falls of chain.
  • Hoist lifting speeds 4/1 meters a minute
  • Push travel trolley.
  • Base size 750mm square.
  • 8 x M24 bolts.
  • Jib and hoist = £1900.00 nett, ex works.

REF AG200-9

630kg jib crane
  • 1000kg Overbraced Jib Crane.
  • Type LS Abus
  • Floor to underside 3763mm,
  • Overall height 4500mm.
  • Arm length 2000mm
  • Hook from the floor 3200mm
  • Complete with chain hoist 4/1 meters
  • Manual monorail trolley
  • Extra large base plate 1m square.
  • Jib and hoist = £2100.00 nett, ex-works
REF AG200-5
Abus LS  type jib crane

1.6 tonnes second hand Abus jib crane

  • 1600kg Underbraced Abus Jib Crane
  • Type LSX.
  • 360 degrees slewing range.
  • Overall height either 4200mm
  • Floor to underside 3950mm.
  • Arm 2080mm.
  • Hook at the highest point; 3300mm
  • C/W push trolley chain hoist.
  • Abus chain hoist, 2 speed hoist. Type GM5, speeds 6/1.5mts per minute lifting
  • Includes a large base plate. 1m square, 40mm thick. Require 4xM27 all thread and 10 x M27 bolts.
  • Jib and hoist = £2700.00 nett, ex-works

REF AG203-1

used Abus jib crane
  • 1600kg Underbraced Abus Jib Crane, Type LSX
  • Floor to underside 3956mm.
  • Arm 2350mm with only 1450mm of travel.
  • Complete with chain hoist
  • Large base plate
  • 360 degrees slewing range.
  • Manual slewing arm.
  • 2 speed lifting hoist Abus GM5.
  • Jib and hoist = £2700.00 nett, ex-works
  • including base plate

REF AG200-3.

ABUS jib crane

Used Abus jib cranes specifications. Removed from a factory in Warwick / Leamington Spa.

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