FOR SALE; 3.2t SWL tonne used Street crane and free standing gantry steel work. REF AG227 and AG248.

We have been asked to sell this Street Crane on behalf of a customer, It was in a factory between Winchester in Hampshire and Wiltshire. It's now in our workshop.

It is a 3.2t SWL barely used Street crane, c/w support steel: 11.280 meters span 3 columns per side with a downshop length of 9.60 meters. Details below.

Special Offer.

Price including steel and installation as it is £16,400.00 plus vat.

Overhead crane removal 3 tonne crane and supporting steelwork
ZX064 Street 5 ton crane
Left is a a 5 tonne SWL STREET crane from 2009., it comes complete with a ZX064 new style STREET wire rope hoist. REF AG248. Removed from a site in Redditch, Worcestershire.

3.2t Street crane and steel work specifications.

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