SLIGHTLY used 3.2t 4t & 5 tonne SWL Street cranes only 2 left now. As new, with warranty.

Many of these cranes have done under 40 hours work. Click here for new Street hoists.

AG196 (14.64) and AG211 (14.7mts span). Cranes with downshop standing legs, buzz bar & rail if needed.

new Street crane
3.2t  crane and buzz bar

5t Street Crane

AG192 above

REF AG192 (red legs above and rail)


REF AG192. CRANE SOLD, rail still available.

Span just over 12000mm.

3 tonne street rope hoist

Street Crane ZX062

REF AG253.

Street 2t SWL wire rope hoist c/w extra long barrel.

Street Crane Company hoist type: ZX062-3SoEM5G031-LHR0002-41550E14.

30 meters lifting height, fast lifting speed 7.8mts per minute, and 20/5 mts per minute cross travel.

Optional radio remote control £600.00.

4 fall rope hoist

AG211; 5t Street crane, various spans in stock.

Please call for details.

REFAG192 (12.8mts span)

AG196 (14.64)

AG211 (14.7mts span)

Street Cranes UK specifications.

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