Frighten away unwanted intruders with the sound of a Barking Guard Dog Patrol on CD from AG Cranes Ltd.

Help secure your home, farm or factory premises from unwanted intruders with a CD of our ferocious barking dog or virtual guard dog.

We even have clients who just want to annoy their neighbours rather than home security!!

People think their offices and factory are secure until someone breaks in one night and helps themselves to thousands of pounds worth of your hard earned goods and valuable property.

Thieves with half a brain will target somewhere else and leave your place well alone if they hear a guard dog on patrol. We have tried to mimic this on the CD.

  • Our CD plays random tracks of various dog barking noises, length and volume.
  • The price including UK postage and packaging is £12.60, this includes vat, packing and postage.
  • The dogs on this CD do not need feeding, walking or cleaning up afterwards, and can be left alone for many hours at a time.
  • Please do not confuse with CD's of continual barking that a thief or burglar can easily tell they are a recording. These type also annoy your neighbours because of the repetition.
dog barking
POATAL ADDRESS: AG Cranes Ltd, The Slough Studley, Warwickshire, B80 7EN.


HOW TO ORDER: Please email your address (we cannot invoice you or post the CD without an address)

Once invoiced you can either post a cheque or pay us at your bank, £12.60 to include vat and postage. Or to hear a friendly voice call 01527 854 600 and ask for Chloe. She will then ask you to email your postal address and send us £12.60.

Once ordered we will email an invoice which contains our bank details if you are making a bacs payment.


Please make cheques payable to AG Cranes Ltd and post to:

The Slough,



B80 7EN.

Please include the delivery address.

Please include your delivery address.