AG Cranes Mega Lift; Machinery, Plant Movers and Lifters.

We have a full hire fleet of Mega Lifts hydraulic lifting rams from 50 tons to 500 tons (454 metric tonnes) with heights up to 10.3 meters. If your needs are factory relocation, machinery removals or plant relocation AG Cranes based in Warwickshire can help.


We have our own heavy haulage vehicles able to carry up to 400 tons by road, as well low loaders and mobile cranes including a Franna mobile crane. We also have a Versa Lift fork truck available for hire capable of lifting 27 tonnes.

Mega Lift hire & machinery questions.

How much does the press or machine weigh; 0-500 tonne - No problems.

What do you want to happen to the equipment; uplift it, spin it around, turn it over, tilt it!

How much room is there on site; Each Megalift jack has a small footprint (1.2m wide!)

Does your workshop have any height restrictions; Our Megalifts operate up to 10 meters high.

Is extra equipment needed for erection; Fork truck, an iron fairy or a franna crane.

Email or call 01527 854 600 for more details.