OMIS Wire Rope Hoists. Variable speed all motions with inverter drives.
Single girder monorail OMIS hoists; UK stock held.
  • Available in single girder or double girder crab unit, and foot mounted.
  • Hoisting and cross travel are inverter controlled, to give very smooth lift and travel motions.
  • Repair costs are kept at almost zero, as rope guide and brake wear is almost non existent.
  • Very low maintenance costs due to inverter motors.
  • 5t and 3.2t are UK stock items. UK stockist.
  • 4/1 lifting speeds. M5 duty rating.
  • Cross travel speed 20/5 meters per minute.
  • 4 falls of rope. 10mm diameter.
  • 6.6 meters height of lift.
Omis wire rope hoists

We have in stock 3.2 tonne and 5t SWL OMIS wire rope hoists available for collection.

OMIS Cranes have operated and specialised in the lifting equipment industry since 1967 and are established as a leading European manufacturer of bridge cranes, gantry cranes and crane components with distribution worldwide.

Almost all modern cranes now incorporate frequency inverter technology for the travel motions of the crane, but OMIS are currently the only manufacturer who include frequency inverter technology for hoisting motions as standard.

The OMIS wire rope hoists come with inverter controlled hoisting as standard. This is usually an additional feature for most other manufacturers. The inverter hoisting, cross travel and long travel motions all use frequency inverter for smooth starting and stopping. This not only makes the lifting, lowering and moving of loads much smoother but also helps to reduce wear. For example, among other things, the brakes are only used for finally stopping at the end of deceleration which helps to reduce the wear on them caused by standard sudden breaking. Overall the inverters help to considerably reduce maintenance and repair costs during the life of the crane.

For the end user the inverter modules are at first sight not visible however they provide clearly visible results as far as the safe traveling of loads and future reduced maintenance costs are concerned.

The smooth acceleration and braking process contributes considerably to reduce wear and tear to many of the cranes components. The hoist unit is also inverter controlled which reduces wear on all hoisting components.

We also stock inverter driven OMIS crane end carriages

The headroom loss on an electric monorail 3.2t hoist is TBAmm.

The OMIS headroom loss on a 5t monorail hoist is 720mm.

Call 01527 854 600 for details of OMIS hoists in stock.


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