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Donati 125kgs - 3 tonnes SWL; stocked, installed and certified.
over braced pillar jib crane

Donati overbraced swing jib cranes with electric chain hoists, 415v, three phase. If in GREEN they are in stock, AMBER is usually 2 weeks away.

We also install and test Donati and Demag jib cranes. Click here for the full price list.

Example prices below; for better hook headroom try our underbraced jib cranes.
Safe working load and metres; height & length
Overall height
Height to underside of arm from floor in mm
Hook at it's highest point
Length of arm from central pivot point
Price £

125kg DONATI over braced jib crane:

3 meter x 3 meter



5 week delivery

REF JCO125-3x3

Well under £800.00, no hoist included.

250kg DONATI overbraced jib:

3 meter x 3 meter



5 week delivery

REF JCO250-3X3

over brace jib crane

500kg DONATI over-braced swing jib

3.5 meter x 3 meter



5 week delivery


2322mm, for better headroom consider under braced.
For other sizes please call; 01527 854 600
In addition the rotating swing jib crane kits ordered from this page come with a FREE electrical kit; comprising: On/Off switch, festoon cable, festoon trolleys and strainer wire for the jib arm.

over braced Donati  jib Underbraced  jib crane

Donati jib crane base plate

Above is an over sized Donati overbraced jib crane base plate; required if your factory floor isn't deep enough. We also supply ground anchors if you are putting a concrete base into the floor.

If you are serious about purchasing a jib crane and need to talk to someone please call today, or click here for lots more free pillar jib crane help and information.


Email your inquiry today or call Chloe or Tristan on; 01527 854 600.

To view our USED JIB CRANES click here; from £499.00

The jib cranes are usually under braced for the best hook height, but overbraced are often cheaper. All are available with an electric 2 speed chain hoist for safe fine load positioning.

We install,test and certify Donati and Demag jib cranes, throughout the UK.

Please call today for free advice, ask for Chloe or Laurie. 01527 854 600.

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Donati jib cranes.

Jib arm crane testing

USED jib cranes for sale