IMER TR225 Builders winch / scaffold hoist.


The TR225 is quiet running; the working noise level of the hoist is 70 db(A), equal to that of the average home noise level. It is easy to operate in any job site condition and takes into account the workers health and safety.

Locking the wire rope to the lifting hook by means of block and wedge ensures a safe and reliable connection. Owing to the load weight, the rope always remains locked between the block and the wedge. This systems allows you quickly shorten the rope as it is not necessary to dismantle the hoist from the support and send it to a work shop.

ARS DEVICE: The TR225 hoist is equipped with the Anti Rewinding System, patented and exclusive to Imer. This system eliminates the rope winding onto the drum in the wrong direction, granting integrity and safety to the hoist. This eliminates the lifting of the load with the lower winding of the motor, which does not produce adequate torque.

Only £1255.00. Call 01527 854 600 to order.

We also stock Imer ET 200 : Imer ES150 scaffold hoists.

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