YALE CPV/F electric chain hoists; push - power travel.
We have just removed around 30, used as new chain hoists from a factory in Wolverhampton, WV9.
Most of the slightly used electric hoists are Yale CPV/F c/w integrated power travel trolleys. Most are under 1 or 2 years old, and though secondhand they are in as new condition. All come with up to 12 months warranty.
We have 250kgs SWL type CPV/F 2-8 hoisting speed 8/2 meters per minute.
We have 500kgs SWL type CPV/F 5-4 hoisting speed 4/1 meters per minute.

We have 1000kgs SWL type CPV/F 10-4 hoisting speed 4/1 meters per minute.

Large discounts available on these hoists.

REF AG208-18 power trolley 110mm flange width, but it is adjustable.

REF AG208-18L push trolley.


Yalelift chain hoist, 3 phase 415 volts. 500 kgs SWL, REF AG208-18L CPV 5/4, 2/1. (2 falls of chain.)

Push travel trolley included. REF AG208-18L, secondhand, but as new condition.

Yaleift CPV 5-4

We also have a large number of Demag PK hoists with push travel trolleys starting at £395.00


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