Mobile Lifting A-Frame Gantries. New and used.
Current Used Stock of mobile A Frame Gantries on casters.


250kg A-Frame gantry. Complete with manual hoist, second hand but in great condition.£495.00 inc the chain block, ex-works. Ref: AGL252. Details.

1 tonne used A Frame arriving January 2014. c/w an as new Stahl hoist REF AG252. DETAILS

1.5t SWL Static A-Frame gantry, bolted to the floor. With option of Demag motorised hoist. REF AG237-1 Details.


2T SWL MOBLE GANTRY REF AG245 approx 10.6 meter span, and 6 meter height. More mobile gantry details.


2t SWL secondhand A Frame Cranes. 3.2mts high by 3.6mts wide. On wheeled casters, c/w a manual chain hoist. Details and sizes. REF AG243.

A Frame hoist

£1600.00 plus vat. Including the manual push travel chain block. We can deliver and assemble and test if required. More details.


Also available NEW A-frames on wheeled casters with parking.

Typical example- 6mts span 4.5mtsd floor to rail. More details

Electric or manual chain hoist available if needed.

3200kgs NEW A Frame on wheels, c/w chain hoist and parking jacks.

5000kgs NEW A Frame on wheels, c/w chain hoist and parking jacks.

We can also offer new A-frame gantry cranes built bespoke to your requirements, so give us a call today to see how much you can save.

Used A Frames Cranes Always Wanted.


A-Frames gantries

For prices and quotations call Chloe on 01527 854 600. She will need to know the SWL, the overall height, or hook height required , oh and "the gap between the legs....!"

Terminology for Lifting A Frame Gantries. What we may need to know.

1. The SWL of the wheeled gantry crane. EG 1 tonne SWL.

2. The floor to rail height or the overall height. EG 4 meters.

3. The A frame's span, between the legs. EG 3 meters.

4. In rigged or out rigged design. The out rigged style lets the hoist travel further along the gantries beam.

5. Smaller A-Frames may not need rigging. click here to see an out rigged A frame.

6. Do you need an electric or manual hoist with it and parking jacks.


WANTED YOUR USED A FRAME GANTRY, CASH PAID, call Tristan today. We also manufacture brand new overhead cranes.