Gantry Crane Base Grouting

Our crane installation team offer to grout around the overhead crane's upright portal columns; we use non shrink grout, not cement as this settles and cracks.

Factory floors are never level, far from it. If a new warehouse floor is only 2.5mm out, the top of a 5 meter high crane can be over 10mm out of line.

What we don't want to be doing is using shims to level the steel to marry up the holes of the down shop steel. At AG Cranes we use packers under the cranes upright free standing columns before line and leveling with lasers.

Disto laser measurements are then taken in all directions to confirm it is level before fully tightening the bolts. The crane can be tested before the non shrink grout is poured. After testing non shrink grout can be poured into the base. Within a day it is good to go!

portal column base grouting

crane base grouting

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