Crane End Carriages; for top running overhead traveling cranes.

If you need crane end carriages, sometimes called end trucks, wheel blocks, wheel boxes or crane boggies, we can help. Our stock of carriages are for for top running cranes and are mostly in shear, or side mounting.

side mounted end carriage end carriage wheels
top mounted crane end carriages

a pair of end carriages



Omis inverter ready end carriages. Stocked in Redditch the UK from 1t to 5t SWL, up to 16.45 meter spans.


We stock new end inverter driven OMIS and 2 speed STREET crane end carriages for common size cranes with 12 months warranty. Standard sizes are for single girder cranes. Top mount and side mount (in shear) connection plates and long travel drives are included.

An AG CRANES crane kit can comes complete with hoist, a pair of end crane carriages control panel, beam and festoon system if required. Our team of crane engineers can install, and commission the crane if required. Email us your inquiry

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