Gantry Crane Supporting Portal Column Steelwork

We don't usually use old fashioned large diagonal or lattice bracing's as surge bracing's any more; to stop a gantry cranes down shop surging in the long travel direction. Not only are they costly and unsightly as well as being a hazard to staff member heads, they also stop access between crane bays as well as preventing storage below.

We do however when needed try to use a new tried and tested system of portalised columns or inverted webs. Portal columns are now used by Demag, Street, Abus and Konecranes. See below.

A pair of inverted webs / portal columns (below) facing each other are good for another 5 bays (30 meters approximately) without the need for another set. Perfect for neutralising your cranes overturning moments. Beware companies who do not offer this.

portal crane column

Our crane installation engineers can grout around the overhead cranes supporting steel columns; using non shrink grout below the crane base.

Most factory floors are not level far from it. If a new warehouse floor is only 2mm of level, the top of a 6 meter tall crane supporting column it can be over 12mm out.

Many companies try to shim steel up or bend it into position to marry up holes of the down shop steel. At AG Cranes we use packers under the cranes upright free standing columns before line and leveling.

Laser measurements are then taken in all directions to confirm it is level before fully tightening the bolts. The crane can be tested before the grout is poured. Once tested non shrink grout can be poured into the base. Within 24 hours it is good to go!

crane base grouting

Below is a K-bracing option for down shop free standing crane steel.

K bracing crane steelwork

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