Overhead Gantry Crane Transport.
Please don't send a curtain sided lorry to transport your gantry crane unless agreed in advance. The client below did much to "Big Rays" annoyance.
loading an Abus crane

Yes, he tried to save a few pounds only to discover the lorry was 25mm too narrow for the crane. He then paid extra to have the crane stripped of its end carriages and re loaded onto the lorry.

The poor chap then missed his night ferry, and was 3 days late arriving in Dubai and was greeted with £1000.00 worth of penalty clauses.

Below: 4 hours later both cranes dismantled and are stripped of their end carriages, festoon, and crane panels.

dismantled overhead cranes

In our experience customers who try to "skin a fart" to save money usually end up paying more in the end.

Below: 2 cranes for export to Malta; transporting the correct way. Loaded one on top of the other, with hoists on timbers at opposite ends to each other. The driver even brought timber and ratchet straps with him!!

Crane piggyback! transporting an overhead crnae

Loading an overhead crane.

We have 2 x 5 tonne overhead cranes in our factory that we use to load "sold cranes" when they are ready for dispatch. The combined lift is 10 metric tonnes. The lorry you send in for collection must fit under our overhead cranes that we load with. Floor to rail height is 4600mm.

overtime squirrels at play

In the picture above, on the floor on the right are 2 x 5t SWL Abus single girder overhead cranes waiting dispatch to Italy.

Our crane factory collection address is;

AG Cranes Ltd
Troy Industrial Estate
Jill Lane
Sambourne, Near Redditch
Worcestershire (but 250 meters from Warwickshire)
B96 6ES.

On arrival ask for Big Ray or Little Spence!

Clients ordering a new overhead crane can now watch their crane being built via our 3 live streaming web cameras, please ask for details.


Gantry crane transportation with or without a movement order from the Ministry Of Transport.

spmt modular trailer

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