Donati Jib Crane Ground Anchors
We stock Donati jib crane ground anchors for the common sizes on a 1 or 2 week delivery.

We stock Donati ground anchors types T, U and V.

Type T £109.00 plus vat and delivery.

Type U £117.00 plus vat and delivery.

Type V £245.00 plus vat and delivery.

Prices ex works.

How Jib Crane Ground Anchors Work

If your factory floor is not deep enough to take the standard bolts for the pillar cranes base plate holes you will need to consider what to do to spread the load. If you are unsure of the bolt depth please our jib-crane hotline on Redditch 01527 854 622, Chloe or Lori will be waiting for your call.

One option is the Donati larger base plate, the other is the submerged ground anchor, pictured below.

Ground anchors are the safest option, but not everyone wants to dig up their factory floor. It is your choice but with personal safety and litigation the way it is nowadays it has to be done right.

Clients need a local builder to dig a hole and sink the ground anchor sets into the floor and form them ready with the template to take the jib crane on its arrival. Suitably reinforced concrete is then poured into the excavated hole around the ground anchors. Your builder or civil engineer will be able to best advise you on the time needed for the concrete to cure/set.

After the concrete goes off we can install the pillar crane into the bolts.

Below we have photographed a set of Donati Ground Anchors or "J bolts" submerged into the ground ready for the fitting and testing if the jib boom arm crane.

Donati pillar crane ground anchors

The customer here aware his floor wasn't deep enough, in fact he said "a fat lass in high heels could have gone through it". His words not ours! He bought from us a 500kgs jib crane with a 4 meter long arm.

Advantages and Disadvantages for Jib-Crane Ground Anchors

  • + The are cheaper than extra large base plates.
  • + The look better and take up less room than a base plate.
  • + Not a trip hazard
  • + Jibs are slightly quicker to fit onto them.
  • - You need to dig up your factory floor first.



Don't be fooled by people who will quote you Donati products on a 5 or 6 week delivery.

We are the only UK Donati Stockist.

Call Chloe or Lori today 01527 854 600 for more information.

Below; Our Stock New jib Crane Forest!!

new donati jib crane Jib crane forest

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