Donati Jib Crane Base Plates or Foundation Plates
Stock Donati jib crane base plates for the most common sizes on a 1 or 2 week delivery.

We stock types T, U and V Base plates.

Type T £501.00 plus vat and delivery.

Type U £528.00 plus vat and delivery.

Type V £857.00 plus vat and delivery.

Prices ex works.

Below we have pictured the slightly older base plate with 20 bolts to attach it to the floor, the new bases have less bolts.

Donati jib crane base

donati jib crane base plate.

Below are a set of Donati ground awaiting delivery and installation of a 500kg Donati under braced jib crane, 4 meters overall height by 4 meters arm length.

More details on crane ground anchors

pillar crane floor anchor

Call our jib-crane hotline on 01527 854 622. Chloe or Lori are waiting for your call.

Below; A New jib Crane Forest!!

new donati jib crane Jib crane forest

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Jib-crane telephone hotline 01527 854 622, ask for Chloe Jibette.