Hamilton Pow-R-Safe Buzz Bar Systems for Sale.

Hamilton power safe 100 amp crane buzz bar power feed systems are widely used within the overhead crane trade.

The three phase and earth (green and yellow) buzz bar systems work brilliantly with the Crane Systems we install on a weekly basis. In fact it is so good we will purchase used Hamilton Buzz bar or busbar if in good condition when it is available. Our electricians can disconnect it for you in needed and dismantle and remove it while on site.

We also supply Hamilton c rail crane electric festoon system and well spare parts.


Hamilton pow-r-safe crane busbar attached via clips to the lower flange of the crane down-shop gantry beam. Complete with a towing arm (electrical pick ups)and a set of 100 amp collectors.

Hamilton buss bars Hamilton buzz bars


Pictured on the red steel is the Hamilton crane buzz bars fastened into the crane web of the downshop steel. to do this we use L shaped brackets This saves space height wise. Especially useful if your for lift truck can drive under the crane from bay to bay.

busbar clipped to the crane web

Above a 100amp Hamilton power safe buzz bar system. This is finger proof, but not idiot proof.

Used Pow-R-Safe buzz bar always wanted.

Please call 01527 854 600 for details and prices.