Misia XM Wire Rope Hoists.
Single girder monorail Misia XM hoists, double girder Misia hoists in stock.

Available in single girder or Double Rail Trolley (Crab Unit), Foot Mounted or Articulated Trolleys to negotiate a radius.

In the near future we will stop stocking the Misia range of hoists, and are therefore offering the remaining hoists we have here at reduced prices.

photo supplied by Ash and Lacy

Model shown 5t XM312NS4H7A/83A c/w conical motors.

We have in stock 3.2 tonne and 5t SWL Misia wire rope hoists with or without the crane they came with.

misia rope hoist

The headroom loss on an electric monorail XM 3.2t hoist is 680mm.

7 meters height of lift, or rope drop.

Lifting speed 4/1.3 mts a minute.

The Misia XM 312 headroom loss on a 5t monorail hoist is 620mm.

Call 01527 854 600 for details of Mizia hoists in stock.

The Misia hoists are pre-wired, that is they come without controls. You will need hoisting, traveling contactors, change over contactors and a transformer to be fitted. Control voltage can be either 24, 48 or 110v.



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