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Pillar Jibs; Pillar Jib Cranes.
Pillar jibs in stock from 125kgs to 3 tonne SWL.

We have new and used pillar cranes in stock, both in overbraced and underbraced as well as standard.

The most common size is 3 meters high by 3 meter arm length. Please email or call today with your dimensions.

pillar jib crane

Most Pillar jibs have a slewing arm range of 270 degrees. Larger base plates or ground anchors are available if your floor isn't the deepest. Please EMAIL or call Laurie or Chloe on 01527 854 600 if you need price today.

We usually need to know your pillar jibs:

1. SWL (safe working load).

2. The overall height of the pillar jib.

3. The pillar jibs arm length.

4. The hook height needed. (Lori and Chloe can advise what our hoists headroom loss will be)

5. Whether you need an under braced or over braced pillar jib crane


All makes available, Donati, Pelloby, Demag, Niko, Street, Abus, Stahl and Kone swing jibs.

Pillar jib cranes terminology, and things you need to know.

Pillar jib cranes are made from steel and consist of a pillar, an arm, and normally an electric or manual chain hoist, usually with a push travel hoist trolley.

If we supply an electric chain hoist with a pillar crane, we also supply an electrical festoon system consisting of;

  • Festoon cables
  • Cable trolleys
  • An on/off switch.

Pillar cranes are required to have an SWL (safe working load) sticker or mark and a serial number for identification.

AG Cranes Ltd underbrace pillar jib cranes are either over braced or under braced in style. Both have advantages, the mains one being;

  • Underbraced pillar cranes always have a better lifting or hook height usually around 500mm better overbraced.
  • Overbraced pillar cranes have better hoist travel back towards the pillar, where underaced have a small gusset that can limit travel back towards the pillar by around 300mm on average on a 500 SWL crane.

Installation of pillar jib cranes.

  • The factory floor needs to be of suitable depth to take the bolts or resin anchors used to secure it to the floor.
  • Most pillar cranes use 4, 6 or 8 bolts to secure them to the floor.
  • AG Cranes use chemical resin to secure the bolts into the ground.
  • There are many grades of concrete, good quality reinforced concrete is always preferred.
  • If your floor is not the best quality or the depth required AG Cranes Limited can supply an extra large base plate, or if you are digging floor up and putting in a new base you can purchase a set of ground anchors and an template to put into the new concrete base. This leaves the rods approximately 100mm out of the ground. Once the new concrete base has gone off the jib can be simply bolted onto the protruding bolts before testing.
  • We have a team of service engineers who take on servicing of all types of pillers / pilla jib cranes.

Any questions please call Chloe or Laurie on 01527 854 600.


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