Steel Wire Rope Supplied by the Reel. 1960 N/mm2 tensile grade, BS EN 12385.

We stock many wire rope constructions from simple 1x7 to 6x19 warrington seale 6x36 and non rotating ropes; We can supply stainless steel 316, galvanised, ungalvanised wire and even pvc coated wire rope. UK Deliveries only.

General engineering wire ropes

Filler ropes

PVC coated wire ropes; balustrades

Small steel ropes and strand

Crane rope

Stainless ropes and strands

Fishing (trawl) warps

Thimbles, sockets and ferrules

Wire rope slings

Control cables

Special architectural cables

6x19 (12/6/1) Fibre Core (FC) construction RHOL

6x19 (12/6+6F/1) Filler

7x19 (12/6/1) WSC or IWRC RHOL

6x36 (14/7+7/7/1) fibre core or FC. RHOL galvanised or ungalvanised

6x36 IWRC (independent wire rope core) RHOL galv / ungalv

1x7 (6/1) WSC galvansied wire rope

7x7 (6/1) WSC galvanised wire rope

6x7 (6/1) fibre core galvanized wire rope

1x19 (12/6/1)

Non Rotation Steel Wire Rope


35x7 (6/1) WSC; wire strand core.

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