AG CRANES Ltd Payment and Warranty Terms and conditions, as per all quotations. By placing an order with us you are agreeing to the terms below.

1. Terms of Payment for cranes, or when steel is cut or non refundable parts are ordered.

50% with your purchase order, unless otherwise agreed.
30% prior to delivery.
Balance on completion. Test cert will be issued upon cleared funds (if we have installed the crane).

Clients can collect from us upon cleared funds.

Please do not ask for a credit account as from experience people who do, do not keep do the agreed payment terms.

2. Warranty. Please read carefully.

As per your quotation: parts only, not labour are included. Subject to the equipment being suitably maintained by our qualified engineers and final payment being made on time.

If the final payment is not made on time (within 5 days of the final invoice date) we reserve the right to either cancel your warranty without further discussion or shorten the warranty by 2 months for every part month that the payment is late. As an example if the payment is 6 weeks late your warranty period will be shortened by 4 months.

In the unlikely event of a warranty claim please in the first instance call our office. We will start the repairs process, please do not hold any outstanding monies back however and expect a free repair. We are not bandits; if it is a warranty we will fix it free of charge!

DO NOT mend or repair the equipment yourself and send us an invoice afterwards, (yes one clown tried this!) This will invalidate your warranty and will leave AG CRANES not liable for the any repairs you carry out. Also please DO NOT ask other lifting gear companies to carry out repairs for you without asking us to repair it either. You wouldn't buy a TV from Dixon's, ask Curry's to repair it, and then send the bill to Dixon's', would you...

You will be asked nicely for any late payment, you will then be emailed requesting payment before your warranty is cancelled. All that we ask is that you talk to us if you have payment problems.

Warranty period starts from date of delivery or installation, if we are installing.

Warranty covers parts only not labour.

3. Please note the following:

All prices quoted exclude VAT which will be charged at the normal rate.
The price quoted is based on present day costs and will be held firm for 30 days from date of quotation.
Retention of title: All goods remain the property of AG CRANES Ltd until paid for in full, even if you sell on the equipment to a third party.

To help keep our prices keen and your warranty intact, we ask that you settle the final invoice as soon as the job is finished. The test cert will then be issued.
If you intend to finance the job, please advise us at the start and NOT upon completion, this will enable us to start the job rather than wait for your deposit.
We are NOT liable for any consequential loss, or loss of production, later deliveries or downtime, ever.

Accidents, operator abuse or malfunction of a crane hoist or swing jib: Outside of warranty.

In the unlikely event of a problem arising when your crane, hoist or pillar jib crane has run out of warranty, and has since been serviced or had a Report of Thorough Examination (RoTE) by another company, or has been abused by its operator; please contact the last person to service or inspect the equipment, as well as seeking operator training.

4. Delivery times and dates.

We cannot be held responsible for carriers, couriers, third party suppliers or haulage companies delays. Damages or costs as a result will not be entertained.

Delivery times quoted are from receipt of deposit and signed drawing, or amended drawing, not from order date. I.E. if you order something on a 4 week delivery and do not pay for it for 2 weeks or change the drawing specs, it will not arrive 2 weeks later. Also if you are free issuing parts quoted times are from there arrival.

If installation times run over or problems arise while on site we will not be able to pay liquidating damages or compensation as a result. Please talk to us we are reasonable people and we will come to an agreement.

4a. Waiting time on site; is charged at £55.00 per hour, per man, this also includes sub contractors and crane or hiab drivers etc.

5. Cancelled orders.

Will incur a handling charge of up to 40% depending on how much work we have done or non refundable parts we have ordered.

6. AG CRANES Ltd Installation, Testing & Commissioning Terms (unless otherwise agreed.)

Our offer includes the following:
The provision of suitably skilled site engineers, and qualified experienced personnel to carry out the quoted work. All materials, mileage and site allowance to carry out the agreed contract.
Scope of supply for complete installation based on one continuous site visit, without interruption or delays by others. Delays and interruptions caused by factors beyond our control will be charged to you at AG CRANES Ltd relevant current labour costs and access hire rates substantiated by signed time sheets.

Please note the power supply needs to ready when we arrive on site, from day one of the installation.

Price for installation is based on:
• Free and clear route to site for lorries and lifting equipment.
• Blocking off of the working area according to health and safety regulations.
• Free and clear access to site at all times & uninterrupted working during normal day time working hours.
• A clear even working surface suitable for tower platforms allowing access to all installation points.
• Doors and gates must be of suitable width to gain clear access with our equipment.
• Normal working conditions at the building site.
• Work to be carried out during normal workday hours.

6A. Please do not ask for money of if the installation finishes earlier than quoted; in return we will not charge anymore if it takes longer....

7. The Clients responsibility will ALWAYS be; unless otherwise agreed in our quotation:

• Any free issue equipment, whether it a hoist or crane support rails: All support rails must be in-line laterally, horizontally and in span, all in accordance with British Standards. Failure to comply can invalidate a cranes warranty.

• The thickness and suitability of the floor, walls or buildings we may attach to. ALWAYS. For example a Hilti M24 bolts needs, by law, to be embedded 210mm into the floor. We are good, but we CANNOT survey your floor over telephone or guarantee what is under it. For example gas pipes.

8. Quotations are valid for 30 days.

Please note if we supply a used crane or hoist it is serviced and run tested NOT refurbished.

By entering into a contract with AG Cranes Ltd you agree to all of the above. Any problems please ask.

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