Used DEMAG single girder cranes now in stock. (5).

This page features USED 3.2t and 5 tonne, as new DEMAG factory over head cranes for sale.

REF AG224, AG225 and AG226. Available January 2014.

Demag EOTC

monorail Demag crane

Below: REF AG225, and AG226.

2 off 3.2t Demag DH span 13.960 mts

HOL 6m from the floor

Hoist headroom loss 320mm

Crane hoist type Demag DH.

Free standing gantry steel, and some columns available. (33m)

Radio remote options.

Drawing and crane speeds available.

Above; REF AG224.

1 off 5t Demag DH span 8566 mm rail centers.

Low headroom crane

Hook path 8m TBA.

Hoist headroom loss 380mm

Gantry length 19m of rail per side, plus free standing columns one side.

Radio remote option. EKDH168

Drawing and crane speeds available.

Demag single girder cranes free standing crane gantry

Crane supporting free standing columns:

We have 9 with the above cranes. dismantled from a factory between Coventry and Warwick.


Down shop rail:

533x210, c/w a 380x100mm channel on top.

1 x 13185mm and 1x13763mm. Removed from a site in Coleshill West Midlands.

Demag EKDH crane

5t Demag 12.3 meter span, (to be confirmed) or 11.3, we have 2 in stock.

REF AB1, and MTD4. 2 cranes in ready to go.

£7795.00, never been raced or rallied!!

REF AB1 includes the beam in the picture, a Demag rope hoist and a pair of new inverter driven end carriages. OR the crane in the photo REF MTD4 for £6995.00.

Below: 5t Demag box beam crane SOLD.

demag crane

£5500.00 as is. Removed from site in Stone near Tamworth, Staffordshire. 8.6MTS SPAN.

Below: 5t Demag single box crane SOLD.

demag box beam crane

£5500.00 as is. Ex works. Install option, yes.

If new or nearly new is too expensive we can do a combination of new and used components, to match your budget.

Slightly used Street cranes also in stock.

Used Konecranes

Used Morris / Pelloby Used Cranes

Used Abus Cranes

Below: Used Demag cranes we have recently sold.


used Demag cranes

As new, in fact they are cleaner than Tristan's last girlfriend!

Email your inquiry or questions.

For details call Tristan on 01527 854 600.

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