On this page we have a stock 2.5t and a 4t working load limit KONECRANE, as new workshop cranes.


2.5t SWL Span 21161mm rail to rail center.

Box girder crane, c/w Kone wire rope unit.

Supporting steel; rails and columns.

Radio remote.


Pictures to follow.


    Type: Single box beam crane.

  • SWL 2.5 tonnes
  • Konecranes; 2 speed
  • Crane Span; 21161mm but we can change this.
  • Overall height; 4075mm
  • Includes a crane pendant.
  • Built in KONES own crane workshop.
  • Extras: Self supporting steel work, legs and down shop gantry rail 54 meters.
  • Radio remote.
  • Inverter drives on the long travel.
  • REF AG258

Downshop supporting steelwork.

Total length 54 meters per side.

6 and 12 meter pieces.

Floor to rail height: 3109mm TBC

Hook to floor 2574mm

Floor to crane beam 3465mm

Overall height; 4075mm to top of crane beam.

Leg depth A braced (width 1350mm)

Nearly new 40t KONECRANE

Gantry rail and support columns available.

double girder Kone crane

40t Konecrane, now SOLD.

40t Kone Crane, now SOLD


10 meters of rope drop available.

40 tonne Used Konecrane specifications.
  • SWL 40 tonnes
  • Kone Cranes speeds; 2.
  • Inverter long and cross travel.
  • Beam; box beam design
  • Crane Span; 15.5 meters but we can shorten / alter it.
  • 4 wheels per end carriage to spread the load.
  • Overall height; TBC
  • Includes a crane pendant.
  • Built in KONECRANES workshop
  • Extras: Self supporting steel work, legs and down shop gantry rail 30 meters
  • Radio remote.
  • Universal beam to suit; 18 pieces in stock 6 meters in length c/w 50 x 50 rail on top.

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