Matterson second hand overhead cranes

We want for stock 2, 3 and 5 tonne SWL Matterson 415 volt overhead cranes.

If new is too expensive we can do a combination of new and used, to match your budget.

We have some older crane beams that we can put newer or brand NEW hoists on.
Crane now sold
Matterson twin beam crane
Matterson crane
View a drawing of this crane in PDF format showing all the supporting steel work.

We can offer the downshop support steel work as well.

You can even have a NEW rope hoist on your older crane.

twin beam crane
  • We have on the shelf 3 and 5 tonnes SWL used Matterson double girder cranes.
  • Speeds; Travel speed variable (via inverter) long travel variable via an inverter.
  • Hoisting single speed, but can fit an inveter to it.
  • Built: In Rochdale
  • Beam; single girders up to 20 meters in stock.
  • Crane Spans; our crane fabricators can cut to suit your workshops span.
  • Height: The hoists have 6 meters of rope drop as standard.
  • Extras: Steel work, legs and down shop gantry rail.
  • Includes a crane pendant.
  • Options:
  • New crane control panel
  • Radio remote control
  • Frequency travel invertors. Giving smooth operation and stops load swing/ accidents.
  • Buzz-bar 100 amp Hamilton system.


Because we have new and used hoists and end carriages in stock, we can make an overhead crane to match your budget. We can use new or used hoists and crane end carriages.

Even older single speed end carriages can be converted to 2 speed when we fit a frequency invertors to the travel motors.

Please call for more details, quoting AGC1.