Used 5 tonne PELLOBY PREMIER Double Girder Gantry Cranes. SOLD more wanted.

This special bridge crane comes with a rotating hoist crab unit for tube handling. Excellent for spinning long loads. The hoist itself has 2 x 2.5t hook on it spaced at approx 3 meters apart.

Alternatively we can supply it with a NEW standard wire rope hoist.

Pelloby DG OHTC

360 degree rotating hoist

5 tonne Pelloby overhead cranes specification, sited in South Wales.

  • SWL 5 tonnes
  • Hoisting speeds TBA
  • Crab gauge 1400mm
  • Pelloby/Stahl speeds; 2
  • Beam; FFL to underside of beam.
  • Crane Span; 18.282 meters but we can change this.
  • Overall height; TBAmm
  • Includes.
  • Pendant
  • Extras:
  • Self supporting steel work, legs and down shop gantry rail for a 12 meter system.
  • 6 crane columns, mm tall
  • 2 x 12 meter pieces of crane track/ rail
  • Radio remote.

AG 83. 5 tonne single girder Pelloby crane.

Pelloby crane 5 tonne

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