Secondhand or used 10 tonne SWL Gantry Cranes for sale.

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AG259 10 tonnes DEMAG, as new fitted with a used Misia wire rope hoist. Single girder DEMAG crane 10673mm, 2 speed lifting, cross travel and long travel. More details.
SOLD to a nice man in Plymouth 10 tonnes Street OHTC monorail, single girder 23.5 meters wide, rail centers. Details
AG228 10 tonnes Pelloby Goliath crane, c/w a 10t Stahl rope hoist. Single girder Pelloby goliath crane. From £4300, without the hoist. Bargain. 10 meters. details
AB15 10 tons SWL Morris secondhand single girder crane Mono beam single girder used crane, in excellent condition. 20 meters span

2 speed all motions.


AB10 10t Konecranes single box beam crane Kone single girder crane, excellent cond. 27 meters 6 meters minimum HOL. details
SOLD more used crane rail wanted rail for 10 tonne crane



533 x 210 x 82kg/m UB with a 350x10 flat and a crane rail welded on top. (56lb a meter.) 15 mts TBC details
SOLD 10 tons Street Crane Company Almost new GOLIATH crane direct from Streets factory. Single girder design. 13334mts meters, span, we have a pair of these cranes.

Details. Street Cranes own cad drawing available.

AG88 SOLD 10 tonne Pelloby less than 2 years old. double girder beam crane 12 meters by 24 meter long

Variable speeds, radio remote.

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