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AB4 5t Demag Double girder crane 24 meters details to follow.
AB10 5t SWL single girder crane box beam crane


With ABUS monorail electric hoist. Option also for self supporting steelwork. 13mts mts meters wide, TBC exactly.

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Removed from a site in Kidderminster.

5t SG OHT Crane
DEMAG hoist on a single girder rail crane,
Gantry track also available
11380mm span
Details, gantry rail available to suit.
AG224, 4 to choose from.
5t Lifting capacity
Secondhand DEMAG as new crane from Banbury.
Single girder crane with 8 meter hook path.
8.566 mts span
AG211 5 tonnes SWL

Street Crane


Used crane electric 2 speed all motions for sale. 14.7 to crane width 2 speed all motions, more crane details
MTD2 5 metric tonnes Street Chapel en le Frith.

Double girder Street Cranes. 4 in stock.

Includes a radio remote control.


12.77 meters. Height of lift 6 meters.


As new condition.

AB33 5 tonne SWL Misia, Street or Omis crane with box beam. The have sold the Single girder 6 meters lifting height, monorail crane. 17.6 meters span. Details

Demag Cranes

More details

Single girder monorail crane

5 meters

4 meters HOL, TBC.

Downshop support steel and rails available.


5t WLL used street cranes


Two in stock.

Single girder type 14.7 and 14.64mts span. More details.
AG190 5 tonnes Stahl

Double girder rotating Stahl crab unit.

2 hooks 3 meters apart. 6 meters details.
AG185-4 5 tonnes safe working load Used Verlinde Crane, removed from a factory in Droitwich Worcestershire. Single girder Verlinde Cranes 10 meters TBC more details
SOLD. 5 tonne SWL Konecrane as new overhead crane. Box girder crane. 19 meter span. Details




Street monorail goal-post system.

Monorail Crane c/w goalpost system with 5t hoist, as new.

20.4 meter length over 5 goal posts spaced at 5100mm. Details
AG150 7 cranes in stock. 5 tonnes WLL Street or Matterson if a keen price is what you need...

single beam

used street cranes

9 to 15 meters, reconditioned minimum 6.5 meters HOL. Details
AG150-4 5 tonnes Double beam pendant crane Street 13.050 meters details
AG95 5 tonne S.W.L. Street Cranes; 1 year old. Secondhand but as new.

Single beam cranes, 4 in stock

More details

Varying spans 9 to 14 meters

2 Speed lifting, and radio remote control.

AG100 5 tonnes lifting beam Dale & Co

spreader lifting beam

£700.00 o.n.o.

4623mm long

260mm deep beam with 8 holes covering 1300mm adjustment

more details

AG150 5 tonne Matterson single girder crane, with Matterson Space saver hoist. 13050mm meters span 2 speed travel complete with new paint job.
AB1 5t SWL Used A Frame gantry c/w wire rope hoist Span between legs is just over 6m. Floor to rail height is approx 4.5m.


AG83 5 tonne Pelloby totally free standing crane support steel

10 mts meters details

used beam but has a new hoist, new crane panel, new festoon and new end carriages!

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